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MiracleMist Black Streak, Bug & Tar Remover

MiracleMist’s Black Streak, Bug & Tar Remover is the right choice for removing black streaks, bugs, and tar from your RV, but it does so much more! It is an excellent degreaser. It is excellent at removing stains from carpet and for detailing interiors. It is excellent for removing brake dust from wheels. Use MiracleMist and cut your chore time in half!


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Inside the RV

  • Kitchen
  • Bath
  • Floors & carpets

Outside the RV

  • Removes Black Streaks from Siding
  • Removes Bugs And Tar from Siding
  • Removes Oxidation from Siding
  • Removes Oxidation from Headlights
  • Degreases Engine
  • Removes Brake Dust from Wheels
  • Excellent Tire Cleaner
  • Dilute 5:1 For Wash Solution

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