MiracleMist Pet Stain & Odor Remover - 32oz 2 Pack Special

Superior performance in eliminating odor & stains!

MiracleMist Pet Stain & Odor Remover is an effective, fast-acting solution for eliminating pet stains and odors safely from carpets, tile, furniture, bedding, and clothing. It is specifically formulated to permanently remove stains and odors such as urine, feces, grass, blood, and dirt.

BEGINS TO WORK IMMEDIATELY! Odor’s Gone Within 48 Hours!


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MiracleMist Pet Stain & Odor Remover


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Handles Odor at its source.

What could be worse than pet odors? Not only are they stubborn, they’re embarrassing, too. Understanding the source of the odor is the first step to treatment.

Fact: It is not the urine that is causing the odor. It is the bacteria living off of the urine that is causing the odor. Take care of the bacteria and you take care of the odor. It’s that simple. MiracleMist safely and effectively treats odor at its source – so odors don’t come back!

Many of our customers own RVs and travel with their pets. Traveling cross-country with pet odors can be unbearable and everyone knows what’s up if you’re traveling with open windows! End the madness with a product that treats odor at its source and get back to enjoying the trip!

Permanently Remove Pet Stains

Our Company is full of loving pet owners. That’s only one thing that we have in common. Dealing with pet stains is another. In the past, just like you, we’ve tried different products that temporarily remove the stain. However, like clockwork, the stains have always returned.

MiracleMist’s gentle cleaning formula quickly removes the stain – permanently. We guarantee it! Just follow the directions for application. Results are immediate and permanent.

Helps Prevent Repeat Marking

Want to stop your pet from marking? Take the odor out of the equation. Odor marks a territory and when an odor is present, natural instincts take over, making the temptation to mark unbearable on a pet. This problem is formidable in homes with multiple pets, clinics, and boarding facilities where pets continually come and go. A product that can remove an odor to the point where a pet can’t smell it, is the solution to repeat marking.

MiracleMist’s exceptional ability to remove odors helps eliminate the natural instinct to mark, making life a lot easier for both you and your pet!

TIP: About to add a second dog or cat to the household? The kids bringing their pets home for the weekend? Before the new pet(s) arrive, use MiracleMist to treat areas prone to marking, or areas that have been marked! MiracleMist will reduce the tendency for the new pets to mark on arrival.

How to Use:

  1. Remove any soil that may remain from the accident.
  2. Saturate the area with MiracleMist.
  3. On carpet or rugs, saturate beyond the circumference of the stain, completely saturating both the carpet and the padding below it. (Complete saturation is key to treatment.)
  4. Allow to dry. Vacuum if necessary.