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MiracleMist Brightens & Cleans Privacy Fencing with Ease

Pressure Washing Destroys a Privacy Fence. Soft-Clean It With MiracleMist!

In this video, we use a soap/chemical injector attached to the end of a pressure washer. This injector softly applies the MiracleMist to the fence and begins to clean it immediately. Using this method, it’s possible to clean 400-600 feet of 6′ privacy fence in an hour or so. It’s always a good idea to rinse the fence once it’s cleaned to your satisfaction. Allow it to dry and you’re ready to stain it, paint it, or leave it natural!

The Best Pre-Stain Preparation with Miracle Mist Fence Cleaner

The key to a successful staining project lies in the initial cleaning of your wood fence. Using the right fence cleaner not only prepares the surface for staining but also ensures the longevity and aesthetic appeal of the stain. Miracle Mist offers an exceptional fence cleaning solution, specifically formulated to ready your fence for its transformation.

Begin the cleaning process by clearing off any loose dirt. For a comprehensive clean, Miracle Mist’s fence cleaner is your ideal choice. Its specially crafted formula effectively targets and removes stubborn stains, mildew, and dirt, all while preserving the wood’s natural texture and integrity.

Applying the Miracle Mist fence cleaning solution is straightforward and efficient. Spray it directly onto the fence, allowing its potent ingredients to penetrate and lift away the accumulated grime and organic residues. For persistent stains, a gentle brushing can facilitate the cleaning process without damaging the wood.

After the fence cleaner has done its job, rinse off the fence thoroughly to eliminate any remaining cleaning solution. This step is crucial to ensure that the wood is perfectly prepped and residue-free before you start staining. Allow ample time for the fence to dry completely, as a dry surface is vital for the stain to adhere properly and evenly.

By choosing Miracle Mist as your fence cleaning solution, you’re not just picking a product; you’re ensuring a deep, effective clean that sets the stage for a stunning and durable stain finish. Trust in the power of Miracle Mist to transform your fence into a beautifully stained masterpiece.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Fence Cleaning Solution

The best cleaner for a wood fence is an effective yet nonabrasive fence cleaning solution that can destroy mildew and grime without damaging the wood. A fence cleaner like Miracle Mist is perfect to use on wooden fences.
Before staining a fence it is important to clean it with a fence cleaning solution, such as Miracle Mist, that can remove any dirt or debris that would cause imperfections in the final stain.