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Customer Testimonials

Every day we are contacted by satisfied customers that are AMAZED by how quickly and effectively MiracleMist eliminates mold stains. Here are just a few of their Testimonials and videos!
outdoor pillows cleaned with miracle mist
Mold and mildew are two challenges for anyone living in the mountains of North Georgia. Two years ago, I sprayed our new outdoor pillows with the Miraclemist Protectant. They sit on our screened-in patio all year long. This picture shows the front and back sides of the pillows. But for a bit of dirt from pets, they are like new! Not a single speck of mold or mildew on them. Very impressive!
Beth M.
MiracleMist Long-term Protectant
I’ve tried bleach, X14, Marine 36, – everything. Nothing could get these bumpers clean. One shot of Miraclemist and it was game over! Back to new in about 5 minutes. Rinsed with hose. Impressive!
Jaybird M.
MiracleMist cleaner
dock bumpers mildew and mold removal with miracle mist
boat cleaner with miracle mist before and after
Buy this product! It works amazingly well and makes cleaning my boat enjoyable again!
James P.
MiracleMist cleaner
By far the best product I’ve ever used to clean mold off of house siding. Great results – immediately.
Tom V.
clean mold off house siding
miracle mist instantly cleaned bathroom ceiling
MiracleMist instantly cleaned my bathroom ceiling and removed the mold that had accumulated over the years. It literally happened in less than a minute – no scrubbing! Very impressed!
Buddy M.
MiracleMist cleaner
MiracleMist saved my vinyl chairs from a future in a landfill!. It’s been years since these chairs were this clean! I literally misted the product onto the vinyl and it began to clean immediately. This is one of the most impressive cleaning products I’ve ever used. Thanks for a great experience!
Sam S.
MiracleMist cleaner
Miracle Mist removes mold/mildew from vinyl chair
using miraclemist cleaner on chair back
Halfway through my project I had to stop and take this picture. No scrubbing whatsoever! This chair was behind my shed and I just thought I’d challenge this product. I sprayed it on and within 30-40 seconds, I took this picture. Nothing short of amazing!! Best product I’ve found!
Carl H.
MiracleMist cleaner
I sprayed MiracleMist on our Northern windows where mold tends to grow over the warmer times of the year in New Hampshire. This product cleaned the windows in less than a minute. Simply hosed it off! Fantastic product. Will be ordering more soon!
Jaybird M.
MiracleMist cleaner
window seal before and after mildew removal with MiracleMist
Miracle Mist Cleaner
This product blows my mind. We recently bought a used pontoon boat and the seats looked terrible. I thought I could bring the boat home and clean the seats with bleach. Was I ever wrong. Three applications of bleach didn’t touch it! We brought the boat to two detailers who both said the seats just needed to be replaced. That’s when my wife, who had a bottle of Miracle mist hanging around sprayed it on the captain’s chair. At first, nothing happened, so we started cleaning the pontoons. But after an hour or so, she jumped into the boat and she shouted for joy. The chair looked absolutely NEW! We sprayed the entire interior. The product didn’t fade the red stripes in the seats and didn’t hurt the red carpet. We are telling all of our friends about your amazing product – we’ve saved thousands on seat replacement and our boat looks great! Thanks!!
Bill B.
MiracleMist cleaner
It’s been two years since we’ve used our boat. I was dreading the chore of cleaning it but I’d seen a youtube video on MiracleMist and decided to give it a shot. The seat (shown here) took literally one minute to clean. I simply wiped the mold away. This product is fantastic. Saved me a ton of time!
Bart P.
MiracleMist cleaner
Before and After using Miracle Mist Mold and Mildew Cleaner
I have been pressure washing homes and offices for nearly 20 years and I have never been more impressed by a product. Miraclemist cuts my working time by nearly 2/3rds. Seriously, you just apply it and soft rinse it 30 seconds later. Amazing results! Definitely worth it.
Micah S.
MiracleMist cleaner
I have been detailing boats for fifteen years and this is by far the best cleaning system I’ve ever used. The mold cleaner is phenomenal and works better than any other cleaner on the market. However, it’s the long-term protectant that continues to amaze me. Boats that usually come back after a season with mold and mildew are coming back to me and they only require a soft clean! I highly recommend this to other detailers and those that want the best products available!
Michael H.
MiracleMist cleaner
Wow! What a great product! We restored our old white pvc patio furniture to new with MiracleMist! As we sprayed it on, years of black mold stains melted away. We had tried bleach and MANY other cleaning products to no avail. Your product works! Now we have to do our deck, siding, and roof! Thanks for making a product that actually does what it promises to do!
Judith K.
MiracleMist cleaner