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How To Make Your RV Summer Ready (and Clean It Afterwards)

Camping is a great way to spend time with family and friends, and if you have a recreational vehicle (RV), you can stay near destinations that might not have motels and hotels nearby. An RV is also helpful if your family doesn’t want to sleep in a tent or you prefer the modern conveniences that many campers and travel trailers are equipped with.

An RV is an expensive purchase, and proper care and maintenance go a long way in protecting your investment. Owners should follow manufacturer guidelines and be attentive to common issues that can arise during RV ownership. In this blog, we’ll look at ways to make your RV summer ready and ready for summer activities.


De-winterize Your RV

If your live in states where it is warm year-round, then you may not need to winterize your RV before opening it back up in the spring. But for those who use their campers seasonally, several steps must be taken to ensure your RV will make it through the winter without becoming damaged.

This process is called winterizing and usually entails the removal of all food products, storing camping equipment, flushing water lines, and disconnecting the batteries. In the spring, or whenever you plan to start using your travel trailer, you’ll want to follow the steps below to avoid any problems when you’re on the road.


Flush the Water System

One of the first steps in the winterizing process is adding antifreeze to the water system to prevent the pipes from cracking and breaking. Even if your RV is open throughout the year, it’s still a good idea to regularly flush the lines to check for any cracks or leaks to avoid trouble down the road.

You’ll want to drain the holding tank of any leftover antifreeze and refill the tanks with potable water. Next, you should open all the faucets, turn on the shower, inside and outside, if your trailer is so equipped, and allow the water to run for several minutes. Don’t forget to flush the toilet several times during the process so no remnants of the antifreeze remain.


Have the Engine Serviced

If your RV has an engine, you’ll want to have it thoroughly inspected before hitting the road. Have your mechanic inspect the belts and hoses, check the batteries’ expiration dates, and ensure all are charged. It’s also a good idea to change the oil and top off the fluids to help keep things running smoothly.


Check Your Tires

Blown tires are common problems when owning an RV. You should check the treads for wear and dry rot, which can happen frequently in adverse conditions. You should also ask your mechanic to inflate them according to manufacturer guidelines. Properly inflated tires can help you with better gas mileage and a smoother ride.


Check the Exterior

A thorough inspection of the outside of the RV is one of the best ways to catch a small problem before it morphs into something huge. The roof should be inspected for leaks around the vent openings or air conditioners. It should also be checked for damage from adverse weather conditions like heavy snow or hail.

The window and door seals should be clean and free from mildew and inspected for anything which could signal a leak like drips down the side of the RV or any delamination of the walls or doors. If you find mildew, you’ll want to use really strong mildew cleaners.


Clean the Interior

Cleaning the interior is the final step in readying your RV for summer travel. Many RV owners use a deodorizer and moisture control product over the winter to control odors and mold, and mildew growth. Still, after months of non-use, there may be some grime and other substance buildups, so you’ll want to wipe all surfaces with a quality product like MiracleMist to freshen up the space. While cleaning the inside, you’ll want to check for any leaks around windows, doors, and faucets and check the lights to ensure no bugs have spent the winter. When inspecting the interior, it’s also a good idea to check the wiring as mice and rats like to chew on them.
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